Sunday, April 10, 2016

Three Month Birthday

Somebody was three months old yesterday!

It's so exciting to see her doing more every day, and being more deliberate in her movements.

She now can:
Roll over
Squeal and shriek
Reach for things
Hold her back and head steady when set upright
Turn when she hears a voice
Watch TV :P
Put things in her mouth
Put quite a lot of weight on her legs

She weighs 14 pounds, is 25 inches long, and LOVES airplane rides on my knees. She's also in the middle of her first cold, but she's taking it  like a little trouper.

I decided to practice using the baby thermometer (underarm) and either there's something terribly wrong with the baby, or the thermometer, because my little girl had a temperature of 95*. I checked mine to compare, and was about a degree warmer. I know I always measure colder, but not that cold! It seemed to be working later that evening, though, showing Caleb to be 98 and me 97. 

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