Thursday, May 5, 2016

Random 6 o'clock Blog Post

Here I am at six in the morning, writing instead of sleeping. I've had a busy, fun, and productive week! I got quite a bit of driving in, even a little practice on wet roads, and drove somewhere I haven't driven before. I took the baby to see her great aunt Wilma, our visit was too short, but I hope we can go back next week. My plan was to drive to Wilma's, then church, then home, but it POURED as we were about to leave her house, so Garrett's dad drove to church.

I never thought I'd be the weird mom at church until we started homeschooling, but people already know I'm different. I guess you can't hide the weird!! Haha! I let a lady at church hold Anna, and when she went to her seat with the baby, I followed her. She thought it was pretty strange, but I'm going to be where my baby's at, no matter who holds her. I so love watching the older ladies at church hold her and enjoy her. There are so few babies to enjoy. Most of them have 2 or 3 grandchildren, and those are grown. 

I mailed baby pictures to a bunch of people this week, the last set I sent Grandma didn't get to her, so I really hope these do. This weekend I'm getting a photo album so I can get all my pictures out of their box. I have some ideas how to lay it out, and I'll post pictures as I go!

Anna learning to read

Yesterday I was inspired to make some more bracelets and notebooks. I thought I was done for May day - you never stop being inspired!! The ideas just keep coming.


Don't forget to stop by on May 14th for Jaye L. Knight's blog tour post!! I'll do an author interview with an excerpt of her book 


  1. Oh, I can't wait for the blog tour!!!

    And that is not weird! I would totally not let some one else go away with my baby!