Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dust on the Guitar

Finally got my guitar out to play yesterday!! The poor thing's been shut in its dusty case and  stuck in the corner with the equally dusty fiddle and mandolin cases for too long. I have played it since baby came, but maybe only once.

She seems to enjoy listening (as long as I sneak a kiss in frequently!) and it's good to get back to playing. Of course, it's easy to just pick up a guitar and play it, we'll see how it goes when I pick up the fiddle again. Eeeep o.O

I want to get a couple of the 'Wee Sing' books soon to play from. I remember so many of the songs, but not chords. I can't wait till she starts singing along!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Breastfeeding is easy!!!

Said no one ever.

I wish I'd been a little more prepared for it. I devoted too much time to preparing for the birth, and taking care of the baby, and not enough learning how to feed her.

It's important, feeding a baby, but I thought it would be easy and natural. It's natural, but the farthest thing from easy for most women. I wish somebody had told me:

Latch is VERY important
Babies need a lot of help latching on 
Latching on is very hard
Bad latches hurt
After a few weeks, baby will try to help latch
This does not help
Those little flailing arms make a hard job harder
There will be less milk at night
There will be more milk in the morning
Feeding a baby is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life
There SHOULD NOT be any pain if the baby is on properly

Annalise was such a little trouper those first two weeks. Feeding was agony. And it just got worse and worse. Finally I pumped and gave a bottle for a few days. I know a lot of people were praying for me those days, and on Thursday, when she was almost three weeks old, I decided to try nursing again, and it was perfect! Definitely answered prayer. 

I'm also getting used to feeding her in public! I fed her at a theater last weekend, and as it took me a moment to get her latched on, Garrett told me he was glad we had an empty row of seats in front of us, because I guess I was leaking a stream of milk and didn't realize it. I got his arm, and I'm so glad I didn't hit somebody's neck or head, haha! Imagine explaining that...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Big plans... aaaaaand a baby

I like to do stuff. I like to keep busy and fill my days with all kinds of stuff. I enjoy variety. Every week I plan all the stuff I want do do in the next seven days. It sounds great, it sounds fun, but nope. Some things just don't work in around a little person's needs, and little people need a lot.

Some days my big exciting plans are to clean the bathroom (yes, really!), because the time is harder to find the bigger baby gets. I bought some shelves with my birthday money, and my plan was to put them together that night and organize them. Haha, nope!! Annalise was awake and hungry and fussy, and needed mommy a whole lot more than those shelves did.

It took me three days to get them together, clean the living room, and mop a couple floors. But my baby was cuddled and loved, and that's more important.

I like to make exciting long term plans months in advance. Right now I'm excited about a craft show in May that I'd like to sell at. It's two and a half months away, and I have no inventory. I've probably about an hour every day in non-consecutive minutes to make my products. Procrastinator that I am, it might never happen.

Even more exciting plans: I'm trying to organize a craft show myself that will take place in November/December, if I can get everything lined up. *dances* I'm so excited over it!!! I'll probably be posting lots of boring updates on the progress of that :D

New birthday shelves, yay!! (and clutter)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One Month Birthday

Little miss is one month old today!! And not to be a overly biased mommy, but she is very advanced for her age, hitting milestone after milestone early :D

She can:
Hold her head up by herself
Make "ah" sounds
Pay attention to a rattle
Focus on faces
Smile spontaneously
Bring her hands to her mouth
Hold her head up on her tummy
Smile when she thinks something's funny

All in all, just working her precious way farther into our hearts. We love our girl!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016


Hi, I'm Mary Crouch, and I'm excited to finally start a blog I just might actually take care of!! I've started two before, I think, and never made it past the first draft of the first post on either one.

BUT, I have a baby now, and that means a lot of wakeful nights, and opportunity to write.

I'm a stay at home mom in Kentucky where I live with my wonderful husband and our little baby girl.

I plan to blog randomly about babies, and animals, and crafts, and life, and books, and living naturally, and modest fashion, and serving Jesus, and hopefully meet a lot of great people!!