Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Something new!

I have a piano!! 

Every key but one black work, and it sounds tuned!! I may not be a pianist, but I can play melody, and who knows? I could get better. For now it's good enough for us. A couple of the keys stick, but can I complain about a $25 piano? Um, I don't think so!

Little A went to sleep when I played it yesterday, so I can see that it will come in handy, as I like to play music, and she doesn't like to sleep.

It took five men to get it in the house, and they left it in the kitchen. Thankfully the thing has wheels, so I pushed it to its new home in the dining room this morning. It squealed so much that I was afraid A would wake up, but no, apparently the child would sleep in a rainforest, because that's what it sounded like, an aviary full of squeaky tropical birds. 

Free bench, too! ^

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