Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Resurrection Day!

Here at the Crouch house everything went smoothly on Sunday morning. Everyone was dressed, some people were adorable...

...and then she threw up on my dress and hers.

Ah well. A good reminder that Easter is not a time to dress up and be fancy at church. I found an emergency outfit for her, and threw myself something together, and we headed to church to hear a very good message.

After we got home, we picked up a few things from the house and went to Garrett's parents house. 

I got some more driving in! Learned how to pump gas, and stopped by our favorite antique place to browse. I picked out $4 worth of children's books (some titles I read when I was little!), and Papaw bought Anna a little rocking chair.

It was a very good day, and we ended the day satisfied and filled.

He is risen!

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